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  • What's a Self-Serve Dog Wash?
    Just as described... you wash your own dog! But it's so much easier here than doing it at home! We have 6 enclosed stalls for you to bathe your own dog. We provide everything you need but you're welcome to bring your own supplies if you prefer. And the best part is we clean up when you're done! Here's what you get: Clean individual stall Specialized waist-high dog-wash tub Natural, biodegradable hypo-allergenic shampoos Leave-in conditioner Ear cleaner Cotton balls + qtips + paper towels Shedding blade, slicker brush Professional grooming dryer Apron (not available due to covid safety measures) Fresh towels Yummy healthy treat You can book your bath here.
  • Can I bring my own shampoo?
    Yes! You're welcome to bring anything you like. You can even store your shampoo with us.
  • Why can I only book online now?
    Perk alert! No more wait!! Our appointments run strictly on time! We had planned to switch to timed bookings for a while and the pandemic pushed us to get it done sooner than later. Taking online bookings allows us to satisfy Covid "track and trace" requirements to remain open and show we are respecting the traffic restrictions inside our shop. Knowing exactly what every day will bring also allows us to not overstaff the shop and keep our costs as low as possible as we mitigate the losses incurred during the 2020 closure that lasted a whopping 7 months.
  • Why do I have to wear a mask?
    Because there's a pandemic? Also, it's just the law... and after having been closed for 7 months due to Covid, we're sure you want us to be allowed to stay open and make it. So please wear your mask for 45 minutes so that we can protect our staff, our most vulnerable customers and ultimately our business license. Update: as the County and State mask mandates relax, we continue to follow the latest guidelines and obligations. At this time, we do not require that masks be worn in our shop, but we do strongly encourage their use to protect our staff and most vulnerable customers.
  • Is uShampooch really 20 yrs old this year???
    Yes, really! uShampooch first opened in 2001. That means this is our 20th anniversary!! We are very grateful to have been part of this community for two decades! We thank everyone for their ongoing support. It's just amazing to have come this far. This should have been a party year for us. We had planned a full renovation/remodel and a big reveal/anniversary party and open house to go with it.... but... ya know... the damn pandemic. We decided that at a time when so many of our small shop neighbors are also deeply suffering and many even closing for good, and while we're not out of the woods ourselves, that it wouldn't be kind or cute to celebrate this year. So we're proud to have made it to 20 but we're celebrating quietly and modestly for now. To be honest, right now, every extra day we get to open is a victory for us. A BIG bash will come when this is all over. Promise. Update 2022: we're 21!
  • Do you do Grooming?
    We successfully offered grooming for many years but have decided to put this service on hold until further notice. In the meantime, we strongly recommend Susan at Love on Leash (424-535-7877) who we feel is the best groomer in the Southbay. She used to work for us and opened her own shop a few years ago with our full support. If all you need is nails or pad tidy, we do have nail trim clinics which you can book here.
  • What's with your shampoo?
    New customers often comment that our shampoo is thin or doesn't lather as much as they expected. First of all, you're supposed to use the whole bottle! We use high quality shampoos formulated specifically for dogs. They don't contain all the chemicals that would make a shampoo lather a lot, but they are effective while being gentle on sensitive dogs' skin. Groomers prefer this consistency because it is easier to spread than thick clumps of regular shampoo and also easier to fully rinse out. Just let us know if you need an extra bottle!
  • When's your next Nail Clinic?
    We offer nail trim clinic by appointment. Our next dates will be posted shortly.
  • How does your Dental Clinic work?
    We've partnered with Qualified Pet Dental for many years. They come with their super kitted out mobile vet van and offer a variety of services. Anaesthesia-free teeth cleaning Low-cost vaccinations Low-cost prescription refills Microchipping You can book your next teeth cleaning here. Or email us to book any other service.
  • Do you sell treats and food?
    Up until the pandemic closure, we had a shop packed with goodies! Food, treats, chews, fresh bones, bandanas, fresh frozen proteins, tripe, accessories and tools. Name it!! Unfortunately, to survive the long closure (and avoid stock expiring on the shelves) we liquidated our entire inventory and have since then opted to very conservatively restock as we can. We are ensuring we do not carry too much until things are fully back to normal. We are seriously itching to place huge orders and see our shop back to its former colourful yummy glory!
  • Do you sell packages? Do they expire?
    Yes, we have a variety of packages that bring your price-per-wash down. You can view the options here. Our packages have different expiry dates which are clearly marked on each option. Expiry dates are firm and cannot be extended. Expiry dates do not change when packages are transferred to another user. Unused packages are transferable if you wish to sell, gift or donate them. We work with Gone to the Dogs if you're looking to donate to a trusted rescue. Packages are non-refundable.
  • Can you help me lift my dog into the tub?
    Unfortunately, no. This is where self-serve really means self-serve. There are 2 reasons: 1. staff injury 2. social distancing We love helping you and offering the best service we can but we unfortunately do not lift dogs into the tubs. Our staff have suffered injuries in the past and are under strict instructions to not lift dogs. And due to covid-related social distancing guidelines, we have asked all staff and customers to continue to social distance at this time. Sharing the stall or lifting with only the length of the dog between us can't work. Top Tip: We have stairs for your dog to walk up into the tubs. If your dog does not like or fears the stairs, we have found that most often laying towels up the stairs fixes the problem as they no longer see them and the gaps between the steps are hidden. Let us know if you need tips on how to get your dog in.
  • What are your Terms & Conditions
    Appointments Times and Duration: Standard appointments are for 45 minutes. No-dryer appointments are for 30 minutes. 2 dog appointments are for 75 minutes. Our appointments run strictly on time. Please arrive on time for your appointment. Arriving more than 15 minutes late can result in your appointment being cancelled. Stalls must be vacated on time at the end of your booking. It is rare but can happen that we change stall reservations to stay on schedule or due to maintenance issues. 2 people per stall max Expiry: Single bath purchases must be used within 60 days of purchase. Packages' individual expiry policies are marked on the purchase or credit and cannot be extended. Covid Measures: All Covid-19 safety measures will be enforced. Please follow the latest County and/or State mask mandates in place. We follow a strict sanitation protocol on top of our usual cleaning between stalls. Dog Owner Responsibility All dogs must be kept on leads in common areas. The entrance gate must be kept closed at all times. Please note that we welcome crazy puppies, old tired dogs, fearful dogs, fussy dogs, working dogs, police dogs, etc. Leads on dogs are a must! Please do not presume that all dogs behave in the same manner. Refunds: Bookings and packages are non-refundable. It is the buyer's responsibility to manage their bookings and reschedule on time if they can no longer keep their chosen appointment date and time. It is the buyer's responsibility to manage their packages and use their washes before they expire. Packages are non-refundable and expiry dates cannot be extended. Staff Abuse: We reserve the right to refuse service. Staff abuse will not be tolerated. Cancellation Policy: You can reschedule up to 24 hrs before your appointment by emailing us at We do not accept same day cancellations. All bookings are non-refundable. At a time of crisis and mandated capacity limits, thank you for helping us not miss out on any bookings.
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